Warwick takes the spotlight in Arcane season 2 tease

By admin Jan 6, 2024

A teaser for Arcane season 2 has just been released, as part of a series of big League of Legends reveals hyping up the coming year.

It’s a tantalizing one – while not actually giving us any new information. That’s perfect combo for any teaser, and it’s why we’re not giving a spoiler warning. In this new image, we see Warwick hanging from chains and tubes above Singed, the ethically dubious scientist sitting alone. It’s essentially the same shot we saw in the season one finale, just spun around 180 degrees.

That’s not to say it isn’t interesting, though. Warwick is not only one of the more exciting Zaun champions featured in League of Legends, but he’s also one that Arcane theory crafters have been speculating about ever since the first season concluded. There’s ample information about who exactly Warwick was before his grizzly transformation out there, that’s worth a watch if you don’t mind potentially spoiling things for yourself.

All in all, 2024 is set to be a massive year for League of Legends. Not only are we getting Arcane season 2 in November of this year, but in terms of in-game changes to. This includes a wave of new champions, mastery rank changes for champion fanatics, a new game mode, arena adjustments, and a tease at celebratory events for the game’s 15th anniversary.

Arcane was a smash hit when it released, introducing a whole new crowd of people to the world of surrending at 20 and running it down mid. Arcane’s ability to appeal to people outside of the League fanbase is rarer than you might think for video game spin-offs – certainly to the scale Arcane was able to achieve. As such, there’s probably a lot riding on this upcoming season to win over hearts and minds once again.

Will you be tuning in when it comes out later this year, or was it not really your bag? Let us know below!

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