Myconian Ambassador Hotel Review & Room Tour!

By admin Jan 6, 2024

Overall, for an island that prides itself on its elitist mentality and “better than you” energy, I was overwhelmed by the excellent service we experienced at this property. As one of the best hotels on the island, we expected to be treated as though we paid half the price we should have for the suite, and yet, they were all professional, polite and accommodating.

In total, we enjoyed two breakfasts on property. The breakfast is a champagne breakfast buffet that is included in the room rate for guests. Guests can order eggs, juices and smoothies and select from a wide selection of items at the buffet. Champagne is included, free of charge.

The Myconian Ambassador operates much like a larger resort in any vacation destination. They have excellent facilities that guests have access to and you never really have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. As we mentioned, they do offer the shared airport transfers for standard rooms and private transfers to suites, but they also have a beautiful roof top pool with exceptional views of the beaches and bays.

By admin

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