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By admin Jan 5, 2024

Can’t find the PETAPETA Safe Code? That’s alright, because we’ve got the solution right here! It can be frustrating when exploring a map when trying to find a specific item, so read on to discover where you can find the elusive safe code.

PETAPETA is a Roblox game inspired by Japanese horror. It’s your job to explore a dark hotel that retains the traditional style of Japanese buildings – and there’s a full moon. PETAPETA is searching for you as you wander through the house. You need to find a variety of clues to help you escape!

For more information about PETAPETA, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We’re big fans of horror games here on Gamezebo, so make sure to take a look at our The Intruder Guide, which is a full walkthrough of all maps in the game! We’ve also got a How to Survive Against Blair Roblox Ghosts guide and a Short Creepy Stories Dollhouse Key guide!


So, you’ve found the large safe that stands in the middle of a dark room – but you can’t open it. The game prompts you to ‘Find the paper with the code’, but where exactly is that piece of paper? It’s gonna take some exploration and shining your flashlight on the walls. The piece of paper will be on one of the walls somewhere throughout the house – make sure to check the top of walls toward the ceiling too!

Once you’ve found the piece of paper, note down the code and head back to where the safe is. Interact with the safe and spin the wheels until the highlighted section matches the code on the paper. When you’ve entered the correct code, you can then open the safe! You’ll find the key inside the safe.

  • It’s important to note that the safe code is different for each playthrough. This means you’ll have to find the code yourself, and any YouTube videos online that show a code may not work for you as the safe codes are randomly generated.

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