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By admin Jan 5, 2024

Last week Netflix launched Berlin, a brand new series that is a spin-off and serves as a prequel to their mega-popular Money Heist series. And since this is 2023, and Netflix has its hands in the video game cookie jar, what would a new series launch be without a mobile game tie-in? That brings us to Money Heist: Ultimate Choice, a new interactive story game from Netflix’s in-house studio Boss Fight. The game has you playing the part of the newest member in the Professor’s crew, tasked with infiltrating the world of underground art auctions in Spain. “Theft, drama and romance reign supreme in this interactive love story. Which choices will you make?”

I have not been following the Money Heist series, nor have I checked out the brand new Berlin, and I’m also not big on interactive fiction games. So all that is to say I’m not going to be the best judge to tell you if Money Heist: Ultimate Choice is a great game or not. What I can say though is that in general Netflix has done an excellent job with games based on their programs offering all sorts of awesome fan service for the hardcore fans of said shows, and I’d wager that Money Heist: Ultimate Choice is along those same lines. And hey, if you do watch the show(s) then it’s pretty likely you have Netflix already, which means you can take this baby for a test drive at no risk whatsoever.

By admin

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