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By admin Jan 5, 2024

The holidays are more or less officially over for everyone now, and folks are heading back into the office and trying to get into the swing of things. The hard-working developers behind Marvel Snap (Free) at Second Dinner are back on the job, and they’ve decided to share the current roadmap for the game. As usual, it’s divided into things that are coming soon, things that are in development, and things that are still in concept. Let’s run through what we can expect in the coming months from the game.

There’s actually a fair bit on the immediate horizon. First up, some improvements to albums. Albums are relatively new, but the idea here is to add more albums and more varieties of them. Next, you’ll soon be able to choose which effects and borders you want to use with your cards. You won’t have to keep extras around if you have a preference for the appearance of an earlier look in the evolutionary chain, in other words. Collectible borders are also being worked on, which if nothing else is another thing that could be monetized. Okay, I’m a little cynical about that kind of thing. Still nice to be able to customize things more.

Also coming soon are in-game events, which will come in a variety of forms. Basically just some extra things to do beyond what’s already in the game, with one example offered being called Leagues. You would be matched against a small pool of players and compete for who can get the most cubes during the event, with rewards going to the winner. Sounds neat. Another thing to keep players coming back is the idea of Character Mastery, where you’re given special rewards for achieving certain conditions with specific cards and characters. This is one way the upcoming additional Reactions will be issued, apparently. There will also be character-specific challenges to tackle, with the idea of getting Deadpool up to 100 Power in a single match being presented as one possible task. Again, pretty cool.

As far as stuff that is in development now but not quite ready for release, we’ve got some social features like clans, the previously-mentioned collectible borders, and some additional event types. There’s also an interesting feature called Booster Vats which will help players earn the Boosters they want after completing matches. Finally, the in concept items are relatively familiar ones: a new game mode, some new boards, Ultimate Variant evolution, and new card mechanics. One new one on the list is the idea of clan competitions, which I assume will work exactly the way it sounds.

That’s about it for the new Marvel Snap roadmap. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything massive coming soon, but we’re over a year past its global launch so I imagine we’ll mostly be seeing refinements with the occasional surprise from here on. Do any of these things sound exciting or interesting to you? Head on down to the comments and sound off if that’s your thing. Happy Snapping!

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