How To Get The Multiverse Defenders Bocchi Secret Unit!

By admin Jan 5, 2024
the image shows the summoning building from multiverse defenders with 6 characters currently featured in the banners

The secret is well kept! That’s why we created this Multiverse Defenders Bocchi guide. Our guide tells you everything you need to know about this secret unit, from stats to how to obtain her! We also include info on what Secret Units are, since this is a relatively new feature introduced within Multiverse Defenders.

Multiverse Defenders takes your favourite characters from across the entire anime-verse and turns them into playable combat units. You get enlisted in helping to protect the realms from an onslaught of opponents. Can you defend the Multiverse?

You can play Multiverse Defenders now on Roblox. Want more Multiverse Defenders? We’ve got a Multiverse Defenders tier list too! Oh, and don’t forget our pick for Who Is The Best Mythic In Multiverse Defenders?

Multiverse Defenders Bocchi

Multiverse Defenders introduced Bocchi as their first released secret unit. Her character is based on Hitori from Bocchi the Rock! Secret units do what they say on the tin. They’re extremely hard to obtain and are far rarer than even Mythics. But, with elusiveness comes great power. So let’s get into Bocchi’s deployment stats!

Bocchi Basics

  • Bocchi is a Single Placement unit
  • She is the first Secret Banner unit (0.01% drop chance)
  • The first Secret Buffer
  • Unsellable unit

Bocchi Deployment and Upgrade Stats


  • Cost: 240 Yen
  • Cooldown Reduction: 12%
  • Upgrade Discount: 8%
  • Range: 12
  • Starter Moveset: “Full AOE“

1st Upgrade:

  • Cost: 640 Yen
  • Cooldown Reduction: 15%
  • Upgrade Discount: 10%
  • Range: 12

2nd Upgrade:

  • Cost: 680 Yen
  • Cooldown Reduction: 18%
  • Upgrade Discount: 12%
  • Range: 12

3rd Upgrade:

  • Cost: 740 Yen
  • Cooldown Reduction: 24%
  • Upgrade Discount: 15%
  • Range: 12

Secret Units

Currently, in Multiverse Defenders there are only two secret units. Bocchi, and Flamingo (based on Doflamingo from One Piece). Whilst Bocchi only has a 0.01% drop chance from the banner, Flamingo is obtained from being in the top 10 of the leaderboards upon resetting.

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