Flight Review: United Airlines Polaris Business Class- Boeing 767 SFO

By admin Jan 5, 2024

There are two United club lounges in Terminal 3. There is the modern, clean lounge as well the very old and β€œSan Francisco” themed lounge. We personally are not fans of the packaged crackers and cube cheese, so we prefer to head to the Centurion Lounge, thanks to our American Express Platinum Card.

Boarding for this flight was pretty funny due to the large number of travelers in Business Class. When Group 1 was called, a large percentage of the flight fought to get a spot in the Group 1 boarding lane. It felt like the whole plane lined up to board in Group 1 between all the business class passengers and elite members.

Odd numbered rows are the ideal seats, particularly on the window, due to the seat being tucked against the window, allowing for greater privacy and distance from the aisle. On this flight, I was in 3L and Max was in 5L. Of every seat in business class, 3L and 3A had the BEST setup thanks to the 3 windows.

Every other seat has 1-2 windows, but row 3 is the only one with 3 entire windows. It provided an incredible vantage point over the earth and was beautifully lit up at sunset. The seat converts to a layflat bed via convenient buttons and you can self-select the most comfortable position for tv-watching and eating. There is a coat hook, or as we say, a mask hook, located to the left as well as the tray table that pulls out from beneath the TV.

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