Lexar’s RPS-recommended NM790 4TB SSD is £204 at Scan and a bloody great drive

By admin Jan 4, 2024

Lexar’s NM790 is one of the best NVMe SSDs we’ve tested, offering excellent performance whilst keeping prices down lower than rivals like the Samsung 990 Pro or WD SN850x. Data hoarders are particularly fond of the 4TB model, which is now discounted at Scan in the UK – it’s down to £204 and comes with a free NVMe heatsink, making it an awesome fit for a range of gaming PCs as well as Sony’s PlayStation 5.

The NM790 is a drive that both hardware editor James and I have had the opportunity to test for ourselves, and we’ve been united in our approval for its capabilities. Despite lacking a DRAM cache, instead opting for HMB technology, the NM790 consistently performed in the same echeleon as some of the fastest drives on the market, like Samsung and WD’s flagships mentioned above.

For regular computer use – including gaming and occasional video capture/streaming – I’d say it’s well worth considering above these alternatives as it’s simply much better value for money. It’s only in more esoteric use cases, like scientific computing or sustained video capture, that the DRAM cache of the other drives may be more of a differentiating factor.

Having such a large amount of storage in a single drive is also a game-changer for systems with limited numbers of NVMe slots, like the aforementioned PS5 or Mini ITX systems that may only pack in one or two PCIe 4.0 slots even with high-end boards due to the limited physical space available in this form factor.

Overall then, I’d certainly recommend checking out some reviews of the NM790 elsewhere. If you like what you say, come on back to our affiliate-tagged link above and pick up a drive for your next gaming PC stroke PS5 stroke spaceship!

By admin

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