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By admin Jan 4, 2024

It’s the time of year where you might feel like splashing out with a bit of that Christmas present money. And what’s a more personal purchase than a gaming chair?

You’ll spend a lot of time with it after all, and it involves a significant expense. Enter Boulies. You might have heard of the company, or you might have not, but they’re a solid maker of gaming chairs. We were asked to review the Boulies Elite chair, a series that sits squarely in the mid-range of their gaming range.

The Boulies Elite is a gaming chair that goes for around a £339.99 price tag. It’s not quite Secret Lab levels of expense, but it’s a sizable investment. So the big question is, what does it offer that going cheaper would not?


The first, and most intimidating step of owning a gaming chair is the setup. Most of these items arrive with some assembly required, and it’s on the manufacturers to try and make this experience as painless as possible. So does the Boulies Elite accomplish this? I would say yes, for the most part.

While I did occasionally get a little confused with the instructions, as some steps were extremely detailed and others more vague, it wasn’t a struggle even with only one person. The main screws being already in the right place rather than in a bag was a great help, as even with the need to remove them it was easy to tell where they needed to be.

The top half is very heavy when you come to mount it onto the bottom half, so it’s probably best to get another person to help if you can.

The Chair

The chair itself is a solid beast, which its weight gives a nod to. In my time using the chair there were no creaks nothing felt fragile, and at no point did the chair seem close to tipping over, even when the backing was lowered.

The covering is referred to as ‘Ultraflex PU’. Our review model was the white color, and the material definitely doesn’t feel cheap. I’m not a massive fan of PU covers, but the material used on the Elite definitely gives a more premium feel, while staying easy to maintain. It’s certainly a step up from the bog standard.

The chair itself comes with an adjustable back, arms, height, and a tilt function that I both really liked and drove myself crazy with. Once you start it’s hard to stop. You can turn it off and lock the chair into place very easily. I’m just a natural fidgeter.

The chair comes with both a head/neck pillow and a lumbar pillow. These are both very thick and very soft and feel very nice. Both are removable and didn’t really do it for me as I preferred more space to shift around in the seat, but it might well suit other users who like plenty of support while gaming or working. It’s worth mentioning that the chair was perfectly comfortable without it.


So what parts of the chair could I find fault with? My criticisms are not major, but I could see a few issues that might turn some potential users off. Firstly the Elite is a heavy chair. If you plan to move it extensively around the house, you may struggle. This is understandable as it does provide a counterweight, but it is worth mentioning.

The chair is structured with sloping sides both on the backing and the seat itself. The angles are pretty sharp on the back ‘wings’ wrap around the body. It accommodates me fine, but I feel like a wider-set user might be pretty uncomfortable.


The Boulies Elite is a chair that feels reassuringly expensive, and has some nice features packed in. There are a few caveats that any potential buyer should be aware of, and it may not be for everyone, but it’s a solid option that’s worth considering in your chair shopping.

Want to check them out? Head on over to the Boulies website.

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The good

  • Quality cover fabric feels pleasant.
  • Chair has solid construction.
  • Extra features are nice.

The bad

  • Shape may be uncomfortable for some.
  • Assembly instructions a little confusing in places.

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