A mystery on every floor at Holmes Hotel London

A stay at Holmes Hotel

Amateur detectives of all ages would love Holmes Hotel in London’s Marylebone. In a nod to the area’s most famous (fictional) resident, Sherlock Holmes, each floor of this five-storey hotel had a framed riddle with enticing names such as ‘The Library of the Poisoned Drink Mystery’, with the surrounding artwork giving both clues and red herrings to help or hinder you as you tried to solve it.

I took a particular delight in tracking down and attempting all the riddles, and even got the efficient and friendly house manager, Bogdan, to send me the answers at the end of my stay. As a way of standing out in a crowded market of luxury London hotels and to pay homage to the hotel’s namesake, it was an inspired and fun idea and made a pleasant hotel stay even more memorable.