Sword and Magic Is An AdventureQuest 3D-Like MMORPG

By admin Jan 3, 2024

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, the exploration MMORPG by Ling Ren Games, is about to drop on Android, iOS and Steam. So, go ahead and pre-register now to snag some awesome goodies. Here’s the game on the Play Store.

Speaking of goodies, pre-registration can earn you loads! Get up to 9999 Crystals and up to 20 free pulls. On hitting the 1 million mark for pre-registrations, Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic will roll out the exclusive limited edition mount, the White Tiger.

A Wicked Experience

Embark on a journey into a fantasy realm filled with challenges, treasures, cute characters, and strategic battles. It’s an open world where you join forces with your friends and form alliances. Evil creatures are trying to take over the sacred land. Flex your brainpower together and put your skills into use to thwart them to protect the land.

After an adventurous but tiring day of quests and battles, kick back and have some fun with your cute pets. Go farming and fishing, look after your ranch or play beach volleyball on the Eternal Coast. After all, everyone needs some me-time, right?

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic lets you flaunt your style by choosing from a bunch of outfits. Going to fight the monsters? Gear yourself up with the perfect boots, gauntlets and weapons. Want to play baseball with your buddies? Snag the accessories with a customised cap and a pair of headphones. Going to hit the beach? Grab those beach sunglasses, swimming trunks, oars and rubber duckies!

Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic promises an MMORPG experience that blends fun exploration with adorable anime aesthetics. It has unique visual elements that make it quite enjoyable. For example, there’s a Fluoro Forest where everything glows fluorescently, and you can play hide-and-seek with your pets or buddies. Till the game hits your phone, check out our latest scoop on Soul Strike, The Idle RPG.

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