Road to Gramby’s Update Guide – Remake Update

By admin Jan 3, 2024
Feature image for our Road To Gramby's update guide. It shows an in-game screen of a billboard against a blue sky.

What’s new on the road? We’re here to find out. Our Road to Gramby’s update guide goes over what we know so far about the changes in this rather cryptic new update, one that is supposed to pave the wave for tons of intriguing new content.

Road To Gramby’s is a Roblox game where you set out to visit your Grandma’s house. It’s a rather.. peculiar trip. You need to try and maintain the fuel in your car and keep the fish that runs the engine topped up with water. You must navigate hills, and even deal with other players who want to wreak havoc on fellow travelers. Use your wits and ingenuity to face any obstacles in your path, and you might just make it to Gramby’s house.

You can play Road to Gramby’s now on Roblox.

Want more of this janky Roblox driving game? Take a look at our Road To Gramby’s codes guide share codes and how to use them.

Road to Gramby’s Update Guide

Here we’ll cover what we’ve confirmed as changes in the new update, and add more points as we find more, and patches alter the state of it. We’ve outlined bugs too, as there seem to be a few glitches to work out.


This section covers some changes we’ve confirmed in-game.

  • Visual overhaul to maps. The maps proceed in a similar order.
  • New environment features.
  • Billboards, keep an eye out for some funny ones.
  • Holiday petition item.
  • Balance changes on fuel amount and speed of depletion.


This covers any bug we’ve noticed in our tests since the update. If you’ve run into others feel free to let us know in the comments!

  • Some players my be unable to enter the basement areas of houses.
  • Players may spawn in ragdolled and be unable to move. Toggling ragdoll may fix this.
  • Car physics acting… peculiar. (On one of our tests the steering became bugged and the car would put itself into reverse at extremely high speed.

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