Road to Gramby’s Codes – How To Load In User Builds

By admin Jan 3, 2024
Feature image for our Road To Gramby's codes guide. It shows an in-game screen of a road, with a billboard showing a white blob person in a top hat.

Did you know Road To Gramby’s has a code system? Well, now you do! The Roblox game’s code system lets you import in all kinds of crazy contraptions from other creators. Exciting! Not sure how it’s done? Let us show you how. Our Road To Gramby’s codes guide covers how to load in other players’ builds into a server to use for yourself in your own game.

Road To Gramby’s is a Roblox game where you set out to visit your Grandma’s house. It’s a rather.. peculiar trip. You need to try and maintain the fuel in your car and keep the fish that runs the engine topped up with water. You must navigate hills, and even deal with other players who want to wreak havoc on fellow travelers. Use your wits and ingenuity to face any obstacles in your path, and you might just make it to Gramby’s house.

You can play Road to Gramby’s now on Roblox.

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Road to Gramby’s Codes Redemption

Here we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know on redeeming the codes themselves.

  • First you must be in a private server. Private servers are free for Road To Gramby’s, and you can sign up for one via the ‘Servers’ tab.
  • Load into the server.
  • Once loaded in, open your phone. (Default keybind is F.)
  • Select the orange hammer icon on the phone menu to open Creations.
  • On the Creations page, post the share code into the Paste Share Code box.
  • Hit Enter.

Where Can I Find Codes?

Many Road To Gramby’s creators upload their own codes with different creations. Try checking out YouTube channels from creators, or check out the creations section of the Road To Gramby’s Discord.

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