Rick and Morty: The Anime gets a sneaky new teaser and a broad release window

By admin Jan 2, 2024

Adult Swim has offered up a short but sweet look at its upcoming Rick and Morty anime, as well as a new release window.

With something as referential as Rick and Morty, and being animated itself, you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that it’s getting a spin-off anime. This isn’t actually the first time the adult animated series is getting an anime adaptation, as between 2020 and 2020 five short films were released that featured the voice actors for the Japanese dub, with Yohei Tadano as Rick and Keisuke Chiba as Morty. The pair of actors will be back as the titular duo in the full-on anime sometime in 2024, the new, broad release window that Adult Swim confirmed in the latest tease for the show.

You can check out the teaser trailer above, which doesn’t actually feature Morty, but it does feature a whole multiverse-load of Ricks, and a singular Summer. The trailer doesn’t give all that much away, other than the fact that Rick will once again have to deal with all manner of versions of himself, at least in this one scene, but it does give a taste of what you can expect from the show. Outside of that, not too much is known about the show, other than the fact it will air on Warner Bros Discovery’s streaming service Max (which also means there’s no word on a UK release date just yet).

Rick and Morty just wrapped up its seventh season over the weekend, but ahead of the finale showrunner Scott Marder shared that there are plans for the show leading right up to season 10. “I can’t tease a lot. I can tell you we’re in the middle of writing season nine,” Marder told comicbook.com. “I can tell you that we’ve already got a couple ideas for Season 10 that are already kind of pinned. There is a full plan for a full 10 season saga. So if people are on board with what we’ve been doing the past couple seasons, we’re intending to give them more of that. But there are certainly arcs and cool things and big surprises in store.”

Let’s just hope they figure out the problems outside of the infamous recasting.

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