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By admin Jan 2, 2024

Nah I’d win. Our Grand Kaizen King of Curses technique showcase tells you everything you need to know about the King of Curses clan from Grand Kaizen and also pits it against its counterpart that shares its superior rarity status so you know our pick for the best.

Grand Kaizen is the Roblox entry into the Jujutsu Kaizen world. Customize your sorcerer and roll for a clan before dropping into all sorts of battle chaos. Train and defeat enemies or brawl with other players to determine who is toughest! With weapons and curses to collect a-plenty, you can find yourself fully imagined and immersed! So whether you want to grind to be Gojo-level OP, or simply roleplay with friends in the JJK universe, you can do it all in Grand Kaizen!

You can find out more on Grand Kaizen by checking out the Official Roblox page! Check out our Grand Kaizen Codes guide and our Grand Kaizen Clans guide!

King of Curses Grand Kaizen

Gambare Gambare

Cursed Techniques

Within Grand Kaizen, a user’s cursed technique is given through their clan rank. Clans are ranks which players can roll into by earning spins. Spins are something typically bought using Robux or earned through codes. A clan is a title which offers different stats depending on the strength of the Clan you enter. In Grand Kaizen, Clans offer the players cursed techniques to use in combat to destroy opponents.

King of Curses Showcase

King of Curses is inspired by Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen, with his move set being pulled from the anime. Alongside Limitless, King of Curses is the only other Superior rarity clan with a 0.5% roll chance. Players who are within this clan can enjoy the following OP moves!

  • Dismantling Cut
    • 2 Skill Points
    • Upgrade 1: 1 Skill point
    • Upgrade 2: 2 Skill points
  • Dismantle
  • Bisecting Assault
  • Counter
  • Flame Arrow
  • Malevolent Shrine

Limitless vs King of Curses

Now, the best is subjective depending on your play style. (Or maybe you have an opinion if you’re caught up on the manga). But as far as Grand Kaizen goes, we think King of Curses takes the win here. More simply, King of Curses offers local and distant attacks versus Limitless which has more projectiles such as Lapse Blue, Reversal Red and of course the infamous Hollow Purple.

Now this isn’t to say Limitless isn’t incredibly OP. Again, it falls to play style, and our preference lies in balance. Limitless does let you get up close in combat of course, but the more powerful attacks of this technique come from distance.

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