Fallout: London, the impressive Fallout 4 mod that’s basically a whole new game, has a release date

Fallout: London has been in the works for five years now, culminating in a seriously impressive mod for Fallout 4 that’s essentially a brand new game set in a radiated England rather than North America. After missing its planned release window in 2023, it now has a full release date – and it’s only a few months away.

Fallout: London started work back in early 2019, amassing a team of over 50 core developers and more than 200 contributors over the years to create a reimagining of Fallout 4 set here in London. A complete wasteland of the UK? Who could imagine!

The game-sized mod spans the capital’s boroughs from Camden to Croydon, Westminster to Hackney, with landmarks including Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament being appropriately post-apocalyptified for players to explore. All in all, the explorable wasteland is said to be equal in size to Fallout 4’s original Commonwealth and its Far Harbor DLC combined. The world is filled with all the British paraphernalia you’d expect too, from pubs and tube stations to buses and telephone boxes.

While Fallout: London’s developers at Team FOLON say the mod is already “content-complete” – with work spanning both reskinned assets from original Fallout 4 and the creation of hundreds of new weapons, clothes, animations and objects, including seven unique settlements – it was pushed back from its planned release last year into 2024.

The team cited a number of the mod’s scripting team being located in “a region affected by conflict” – which unfortunately could mean a number of places around the world at the moment – as contributing to the need to delay things in order to achieve the level of polish and testing they aim for.

“We only get one chance at a first release. We aim to deliver a memorable Fallout: London experience and wish to avoid any release issues, such as those that have plagued other community or industry projects recently,” the team said in a statement posted to TwiXer. “Consequently, we’ve made the decision to exercise prudence and opt for a delay.”

The new release date for Fallout: London will be the rather fitting date of April 24th – St. George’s Day. The team added that the delay will let them finish up testing, and has the added benefit of putting the mod’s launch around the time of Amazon’s premiere for the Fallout TV show.

Acknowledging Bethesda’s own plans for their free “next-gen” Fallout 4 update – which itself was delayed into 2024 from a planned release last year – Team FOLON confirmed that they have no plans to release Fallout: London for the new update and “cannot foresee the changes they [Bethesda] may implement”.

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