With Super models on the way, RTX 4070 models are hitting new price lows

By admin Jan 1, 2024

With refreshed SUPER cards expected in the month ahead, mid-range RTX 40-series graphics cards are seeing heavy discounts at many retailers. One deal that caught our eye this morning is this deal on a Gigabyte RTX 4070 Windforce 3X OC model, which is down to £530.58 when bought from Amazon US via Amazon UK.

The deal price, which includes shipping and import duty, is significantly cheaper than UK-based options from major GPU makers which are in the £560 to £600 range. However, there are cheaper UK options if you’re happy with a smaller, non-overclocked Palit card. Palit is more of a budget brand, but is built around the same Nvidia GPU and therefore offers the same performance.

With new models expected, going for an older card is always a gamble – you may find that you might have saved a bit of money – or gotten a faster card for the same money – if the new Super variants are competitively priced. However, given Nvidia’s track record in this department, I think we’ll see quite steep prices at launch, and it’ll only be a few months down the road that value per money will actually increase over the existing deals as retailers look to shed older models. Therefore, if you’re builiding a PC now rather than later in the spring, this is still a deal worth considering.

In terms of performance, the RTX 4070 is a strong GPU for gaming at up to 4K; I recently was playing on a weaker RTX 4060 Ti system and was somewhat amazed to get good frame-rates at 4K with DLSS in quality or balanced mode even on that tier of GPU.

The 4070 is obviously more capable, and takes advantage of not only DLSS 2 upscaling but DLSS 3 frame generation, a solution that increases visual smoothness at the cost of slightly higher input latency. This is something that I’ve taken to turning on in pretty much all games it’s offered, as it feels better to me, and it can be a game-changer for cards like the 4070. Of course, you’ll find similar frame generation tech from AMD and perhaps soon from Intel, but Nvidia’s solution is thus far the best implemented and most widely supported.

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