Step Into 2024 With Loads Of Freebies From Goddess of Victory Nikke

By admin Jan 1, 2024

Kicking off the New Year with a bang, Goddess of Victory Nikke just rolled out a major update. It has a bunch of exciting events, new characters and a generous load of freebies. The main story event titled ‘New Year New Sword’ drops today and runs until January 11, 2024.

Welcome, 2024!

The title of the event already says a lot about it already, right? Everything is going to be new: the year, the character and her weapons. So, here’s the lowdown. The plot revolves around the new SSR Nikke Scarlet: Black Shadow, an elusive character in nature. Expect an engaging gameplay at the Outpost and get emotional feels as Scarlet shares memories of her sister.

Scarlet packs a punch as an SSR Attacker with a Wind code and Fleetly Fading Rocket Launcher. While she takes the spotlight in the Special Recruit, you can also grab her using gems, advanced Recruit Vouchers or by swapping Gold Mileage Tickets in the Mileage Shop.

Alongside Scarlet, another SSR character, Modernia (Pilgrim) is up for grabs in Goddess of Victory Nikke. She’s an Attacker and uses machine guns like New Dawn, Burst Skills and missiles with unlimited ammo to bombard many enemies. Both Scarlet and Modernia will be available till January 18.

And There’s More!

As an extra treat, there’s an additional feature, Step Up Recruit, available from today till January 11, 2024. You can complete four phases using gems and earn a New Year SSR Selection Box that lets you pick any Nikke of your choice.

Adding to the title’s charm are new costumes and mission passes. The Costume Gacha, available till January 18, features the Special Costume for Noise – Classic Diva. Guillotine – Dark Tracer and Liter – Sunflower will also get special costumes through the January Mission Pass and Sunrise Pass.

Last but the best, the freebies! Get up to 2024 gems, 27 free pulls or free rewards such as Growth Set, Synchro Expansion and Advanced Recruit Vouchers. Sounds exciting? Then hop into the Goddess of Victory Nikke New Year celebrations! Check out the official website for more details on the event.

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