The Legion Go handheld gets its first major discount in Lenovo’s Boxing Day sales

By admin Dec 31, 2023

Lenovo’s Legion Go is the (literally) biggest Steam Deck competitor to hit the market, a handheld gaming PC that brings the same Z1 Extreme processor as the Asus ROG Ally but a larger 8.8-inch 1600p 144Hz display and faster DDR5-7500 RAM – along intriguing detachable controllers, one of which turns into a vertical mouse for FPS-type games.

The Legion Go retails for £700, but today you can pick one up with a screen protector for £648 from Lenovo direct. To get this price, you need to use the code UKIFLASHSALE at the checkout.

James recently tested out the Legion Go in a review for RPS, where he found that Lenovo did a lot right with their design – with the high-res, high-refresh screen and Hall Effect controllers being a particular highlight.

I’ve also been hands-on with a early prototype (right after it was broken under mysterious circumstances, natch) and was generally impressed with its design and ergonomics. For the titanic screen size, it’s surprisingly comfortable to use, and despite trailing the ROG Ally and Steam Deck in that department it’s still a very pleasant way to play games portably – whether that’s native PC games, emulated titles or streamed stuff.

By admin

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