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If you want to know who the Reverse 1999 6-star characters are then you’ve found the right article! Here we list all the current high rankers within Reverse 1999 and include some information about them. We aim to keep the guide updated regularly too as new units get added to the game, so please check back!

Reverse 1999 6-Star Characters

So let’s get to listing all the 6-Star units!

6-Star Star Characters

The STAR units

  • Ezra Theodore [NEW] – A shield and supporting unit that deals Mental damage
  • Regulus – A six-star unit who mains in dealing mental damage, and is the companion of Vertin within the main storyline.
  • 37 – 37 is quite a versatile unit. Can deal mental and genesis damage whilst also applying de-buffs to enemies.
  • Lilya – Lilya focuses her attacks on reality burst damage.
  • Tooth Fairy – The Tooth Fairy is a healing unit, that can also purify and de-buff enemies.
  • Voyager – Voyager can inflict mental damage to enemies, as well as temporarily control them and apply de-buffs

6-Star Plant Characters

They’ll grow on you!

  • An-an Lee – Can buff allies and deal powerful reality damage
  • Changeling – Deals incredible reality damage and can inflict poison
  • Druvis III – A supporting and control unit that can also deal with mental damage
  • Sotheby – Can poison enemies and heal allies
  • Jessica – A poison and DPS Reality unit

6-Star Mineral Characters

Ore you ready to meet the 6-Star minerals?

  • Black Dwarf – Can do incredible burst damage with follow-up attacks, and inflicts mental damage
  • Eternity – Reality damage user and DPS unit with a de-buffer
  • Ms. NewBabel – A shielding ally who taunts enemies
  • Pickles – Mental damage dealer and powerful support unit with dispelling abilities

6-Star Beast Characters

It’s getting grizzly!

  • Spathodea [NEW] – A burst DMG, Burn and DPS Reality unit
  • Centurion – Reality damage unit that deals heavy burst damage
  • Medicine Pocket – Self-explanatory name… Heals allies, but also de-buffs enemies
  • Melania – Huge potential for mental burst damage
  • Shamane – De-buffs enemies and deals lethal burst reality damage

6-Star Spirit Characters

Oooh, a ghooost!

  • A Knight – Deals reality damage and a lone 6-star of the spirit characters.

6-Star Intellect Characters

They’re smart!

  • – The name gave it away! This 6-star arcanist deals in Mental damage under the Intellect Afflatus.

About The Game

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based gacha game that features RPG elements and tactical combat. Embark on a brand-new adventure as you reside in a world where arcanists and humans live together. You play as the “Timekeeper”, a being who can travel back in time. You’ve been tasked to destroy Manus Vindictae’s plot and to discover the trust of 1999.

For more information about the game, visit the official website. We also have a Reverse 1999 tier list, Reverse 1999 Codes, and Reverse 1999 Reroll Guide!

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