The SECRET Lounge HIDING in a Disney World Hotel

By admin Dec 30, 2023

If you know anything about us here at DFB, you know just how much we love finding a good place to escape from it all.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

Whether it’s in the parks, hotels, or even Disney Springs, finding a place to just sit and relax can totally change the course of your trip. There are plenty of places where you might find a brief respitebut we think this secret Disney World hotel lounge just might be our favorite!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is arguably the best hotel on all of Disney World property — it’s hard to beat incredible restaurants, stunning architecture, and of course, the animals! But, did you know it’s also home to a hidden lounge that’s got a killer view?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

It’s true! Inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House lobby, you’ll find a small seating area tucked away, back and to the left. It’s located just behind the Disney Vacation Club check-in desk — making it easy to mistake for a DVC-only area. But, it’s not! Anyone is welcome to come take a break over here and enjoy the space — not to mention the view.

What’s this?

Just like the rest of Animal Kingdom Lodge, there’s plenty to look at here. Lots of photos, artifacts, artwork, and interesting architecture are on display here. And, while all of that is incredibly interesting and culturally rich, we think the outside view is pretty spectacular as well!

It’s a secret lounge!

There’s plenty of seating inside — but check out that terrace! It’s not a terribly large space, but there is a good amount of space to stand and take in all the views.

Terrace with a view!

Here’s the scoop: There will occasionally be times on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when this lounge is full of people waiting to be picked up to set sail with Disney Cruise Line — but those are typically the only times this area is busy. If you walk up and find it full, just wait a few minutes and it’s likely everyone will leave to head out on their cruise.

Check out this space!

Not only that, but this lounge actually gives you access to an area of the Savanna you otherwise wouldn’t really be able to see unless you had a room with a view of this area. It’s available to anyone visiting the resort, but because of its location people often walk right by and do not realize it even exists. And, let’s be real — check out that view!

Look at those views!

There were so many animals in this area when we walked by — we counted three giraffes and at least two antelope! That’s pretty impressive for just stopping by. Grab a snack from the Mara or even a drink from Victoria Falls Lounge and head down here for some peace and quiet.

So many animals.

It would even make a cozy place to work if you needed to do a little business or schoolwork. And, can you imagine this place in the rain?! Forget about it.


We’re always on the hunt for updates like this, so stay tuned to DFB for the latest news and hidden tips from Disney World and more!

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