People Keep Making the SAME Skyliner Mistake in Disney World

Disney transportation is some of the best and most efficient we’ve seen.

Disney Skyliner

Where else can you see thousands of people dispatched back to their hotels in a matter of hours (generally under 3)? They’ve got boats, monorails, buses, and the Disney Skyliner to get you to where you need to go. But there are a few mistakes that we’ve noticed people making over and over again. This seems to happen pretty frequently with the Skyliner, so we’re here to clear the air (pun intended).

The Skyliner is a very useful form of transportation in Disney World. It can take you between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, while also bringing you right back to your hotel if you’re staying at one along the route.

Disney World Skyliner

However, there is one downside to the Skyliner. Since it is outside and high in the air on metal, lightning-attracting rods, it will shut down if there is a potential thunderstorm. And we all know Florida, there is always a thunderstorm passing through.

Skyliner Station at Art of Animation

You might notice, though, that while the signs say it has shut down due to weather, it is still moving. This may entice you to believe the sign is wrong and walk up to the station still expecting to get on. But that is not the case. If the sign says it’s closed for weather, it is closed for weather, even if it still moving.

Closed Skyliner

You may still see it moving, even when the sign says it’s closed because they need to get all the current riders off of it. They don’t want people to end up stuck on the gondola during a storm, so they will keep it moving to ensure everyone is safely off before the storm (and scary lightning) gets there.


Your best bet is, that if you know there is a potential for a storm, to find another form of transportation. And trust the sign — if it says it’s closed, it’s closed. 

Skyliner Station at Disney Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Alternate forms of transportation from EPCOT and Hollywood Studios include boats, buses, and the monorail (at EPCOT). Be sure to ask a Cast Member which would be the most efficient for where you’re trying to go — they’ll have no problem helping you out!

We hope this tip helps you have a more efficient trip to the parks. In the meantime, keep following DFB for more Disney news!

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