Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

By admin Dec 30, 2023

The watersports center has sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and even kitesurfing. We brought our own gear but it was amazing to experience kiteboarding on such a spectacular, flat lagoon protected from the open sea just outside the barriers.

Lastly, the hotel offers a number of complimentary activities by the pool, such as aqua aerobics and evening entertainment like fire dancers, magic shows and more. 

In general, there was so much to do on property that there is no way the 5 days we spent was enough to experience it all. If one thing is true, it’s that you will not be bored here.  One thing to note is that if you are sensitive to the sun, be aware that there are no umbrellas or shade structures on property so we would recommend keeping that in mind as you explore the property throughout your stay.  We did end up going back to the room in the afternoons after getting a bit too much sun. We recommended to the management that they should absolutely purchase or build shade structures through this renovation as many guests were disappointed to not find shade at the main pool area.

With the hotel constantly adding new amenities and activities to the property, such as the brand new glass-edge pool, we are so excited to see the renovation complete. 

There is one area that we do hope the hotel decides to change their practices and that’s around ray and shark feeding. Guests are invited to a nightly feeding activity, where the hotel feeds the marine life on the beach and on the pier. While this used to be a common practice in the Maldives, marine biologists have long since condemned this activity and most hotels have gotten rid of this activity since it’s purely for the guest enjoyment, rather than maintaining a stable and thriving marine environment. We urge guests on property to not attend such feedings as we hope that one day the hotel will do away with this practice as it is harmful to our very precious environment. For more information on why this practice should be avoided, check out this article.

By admin

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