How To Get Candies In Blox Fruits

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The holiday event is here in Blox Fruits, with the event island available in all three seas. If you head over there you might find NPCs willing to trade. These guys don’t trade in gold, though. No, they want candy. So, how do you get your hands on sweet treats to appeal to the elves? That’s what our guide on how to get candies in Blox Fruits is here to tell you.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a world much like that of the hit anime One Piece. You can become a pirate or a marine, and set out into the world with your own ship and crew. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats, you’re definitely going to need them with all of the enemies and monsters our there.

You can check out Blox Fruits now on Roblox.

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How To Get Candies In Blox Fruits

Right, let’s get down to business.

About Candies

Candies are the main currency in the Blox Fruits holiday event. You can trade them with the following NPCs on the event island.

  • Santa Claws – Trades for seasonal hats and the Sleigh ship.
  • Magic Elf – Trades for rerolls and XP boosts.
  • Greedy Elf – Trades for Fragments.

Candies are likely to stop appearing when the holiday event ends, and can’t be traded once the NPCs disappear, so don’t hesitate!

Earning Candies

You don’t actually have to do anything very special to earn candies. The currency drops from normal enemies while the event is active. The enemies have to be similar in level to you, so you cant just grind a ton of extremely low-level grunts for candy.

There’s a chance for an enemy to drop 1-2 pieces of candy on defeat. Bosses will almost always drop some if they qualify within the level cap.

So the best thing to do is to just keep playing around your level and take the opportunity to grind some levels and masteries at the same time. That way you’re making the most of the event.

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