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The Blox Fruits monster magnet was introduced in the brand new Update 20. This nifty bit of kit is quite essential for the players who want to reap all the rewards. As well as indulge in all the new things this update has to offer. So, this guide contains everything you need to know on the Monster Magnet so you can get a head start!

Blox Fruits challenges you to become a master swordsman or lethal Blox Fruit user. Train restlessly to become a fierce player, and take on the challenges faced through each island you traverse. Defeat vicious bosses and uncover secrets in this One Piece inspired Roblox game.

You can check out Blox Fruits over on Roblox! We also covered Blox Fruits Codes, and Blox Fruits How To Spawn Leviathan. If you fancy trying something new, why not check out Haze Piece Totem Guide, or Haze Piece Gems?

Blox Fruits Monster Magnet

You feel it pulling you towards impending danger…

What Is The Monster Magnet

The Monster Magnet is an anchor in appearance and is a Mythical rarity material. This magnet is used to locate and spawn an Anchor Terrorshark, which differs from the typical Terrorshark boss. The Anchor edition will have a percentage chance to drop the new sword, the Shark Anchor. Once consumed by the raid boss, the following message will trigger:

“Your <Monster Magnet> has attracted an irregular beast…”

monster magnet

Some trivia follows the Monster Magnet, which may be useful to know if you typically play in a party.

  • If at least one player within your group has the Monster Magnet, then there is a chance that the Terrorshark spawned by your group will be the Anchor Terrorshark.
  • Everyone who has a Monster Magnet will lose this item if an Anchor Terrorshark is spawned whilst in a group. Ouch.
  • The last player to damage the Anchor Terrorshark will obtain the Shark Anchor.
  • The Monster Magnet is not required for spawning the Leviathan.

How To Craft

  • 2 Terror Eyes
  • 8 Electric Wings
  • 20 Fool’s Gold
  • 10 Shark Teeth

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