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Need to know more about the Anime Champions Simulator Secret Scroll? We have a guide right here on how to find it making it not so secret anymore!

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game developed by the creator behind the ever-popular Anime Fighters Simulator. Explore the galaxy as you collect and meet familiar faces! Obtain a wide range of Champions for your arsenal, as well as a variety of Quirks that you can utilize during exciting combat.

For more information about Anime Champions Simulator, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have an Anime Champions Simulator Quirks and an Anime Champions Simulator Golden Spirit guide! Looking for new Roblox games to play? Take a look at our Haze Piece Gear 4 guide.

Anime Champions Simulator Secret Scroll

Let’s get into the guide!

What Is The Secret Scroll?

A secret obviously! Whilst you’re progressing through Anime Champions Simulator, you’ll come across a quest that requires you to find the Secret Scroll. This is a crucial step in your journey and will help you build up your power stats in the long run. Therefore this is an important task that you’ll want to complete to keep progressing.

Where Is The Secret Scroll?

Once you receive the quest prompt from Ninten to find the Secret Scroll, you’ll want to begin by heading to the Ninja Village. Upon arrival, travel further into the village until you come across the waterfall which should be on your right. Next, get a quick shower as you head under the waterfall into the hidden cave tunnel behind.

Lastly, follow the cave in a straight line until you are met with the scroll. The Secret Scroll will be open and hung against a wall with a welcoming shine. Simply walk over to it until the game prompts you with the interact button. The Secret Scroll will show up with some miscellaneous texts made out of Emojis. The quest section will then show as complete, before Ninten has a conversation with you about your discovery.

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