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By admin Dec 28, 2023

This guide covers ho-ho-how to get Candies in Blox Fruits! This festive treat is all apart of the holiday event which is still ongoing despite Christmas being behind us now! This guide covers how to get Candies, as well as some uses for them! So you can decide if farming for Candy is even worth your time.

Blox Fruits challenges you to become a master swordsman or lethal Blox Fruit user. You can train restlessly to become a fierce player and take on the challenges faced by each island you traverse. Defeat vicious and familiar bosses whilst uncovering secrets and loot in this massive open world game!

You can check out Blox Fruits over on Roblox! We also covered Blox Fruits Codes, and Blox Fruits How To Spawn Leviathan. If you fancy trying something new, why not check out Haze Piece Totem Guide, or Haze Piece Gems?

How To Get Candies In Blox Fruits

Ooh, there’s one piece of candy! Wait, was this the One Piece all along?

How To Use Candies

Candies are a rare limited-time currency which can be exchanged for exclusive festive rewards. Exchange Candies for the following rewards:

  • Magic Elf
    • 50 Candies – 15 Minutes of 2x EXP
    • 75 Candies – Stats Refund
    • 100 Candies – Race Reroll
  • Greedy Elf
    • 50 Candies – 200 Fragments
    • 100 Candies – 500 Fragments
  • Santa Claws
    • 250 Candies – Elf Hat
    • 500 Candies – Santa Hat
    • 1000 Candies – Sleigh

How To Get Candies

Anyone can get Candies regardless of whether they are a new player or a seasoned one. Candies are earned by defeating enemies around the same level as you. This bonus drop will be awarded in small amounts, but if you need a lot of candy fast then you can take on bosses! Bosses will drop a higher stack of Candies upon defeat.

Because Candies are a rare limited drop it isn’t guaranteed that defeating an enemy will award the player with Candies. Every defeated NPC has a 1/4 chance to drop several Candies, however, Bosses will drop Candies 100% of the time!


New titles were added as a reward for collecting a certain number of Candies. These titles can only be earned whilst this event is ongoing so be quick to earn them!

  • Sugar Rush – Collect 100 Candies
  • Christmas Spirit – Collect 250 Candies
  • Loco Verde – Collect 1000 Candies

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