Deathloop is free to keep for Amazon Prime members right now

By admin Dec 27, 2023



Uh. I think I’ve been locked inside the treehouse while the others left on their Christmas holidays, so I guess I may as well continue to write the news. Deathloop is currently free to keep for those with an Amazon Prime membership.

Head over to this Prime Gaming page from now until January 10th and you can add Arkane’s time-bending recursive assassin ’em up to your Epic Games account.

I haven’t played it, but my impression is that Deathloop falls just a little short of classic Arkane – aka Dishonored 2 and Prey. It was still strong enough to garner a Bestest Best in Brendy’s Deathloop review, mind you.

As divisive as the multiplayer invasions are likely to be, they’re key to the tension of the story. The jibing between Colt and Julianna is the heart of Deathloop. Colt is the charming rogue, playing it by ass. He’s storming through on muscle memory and some inner sense of obligation, tenacity or spite; it’s not clear which. Julianna is an impatient, one-step-ahead wunderkind who is frustrated by Colt’s dozy predictability. They are a pair of lethal frenemies, and one of the most fun-loving duos in gaming’s recent history.

I suspect many of you, like me, make use of Amazon Prime to help with Christmas shopping delivery costs, and to watch Patrice Evra resist the urge to clamber out the studio window to throttle every current Manchester United player with his hands. I suspect many of you, like me, might be planning on cancelling in the new year (perhaps after watching Reacher season two). Grabbing Deathloop before turning off the Bezos tap seems like a wise move.

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