A fabulous food tour of Barcelona – 9 places not to miss

By admin Dec 26, 2023

Discovering the food of Barcelona

With European city breaks very much back on the agenda, Barcelona is a perennial favourite for those who love combining food and travel. This Spanish city is overflowing with culinary treats, thanks to its Mediterranean location, long history and succession of inhabitants bringing their own dishes and flavours with them to be shared, refined and remade in a unique Catalan way.

A food tour of Barcelona is a great way to discover this city

‘Food for us is who we are,’ say the residents of Barcelona, and the proof is certainly all around. From fine-dining – Barcelona has 19 Michelin-starred restaurants – to the tiny, welcoming bars on every corner, Barcelona is a food-lovers delight, which means it can be a little overwhelming on a first visit. A great way to ease yourself into this sprawling, vibrant city is to take a food tour, meaning you can sample Barcelona’s history along with its food but if you would rather go it alone then here are some unmissable culinary hotspots.