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By admin Dec 24, 2023

Last month Netflix revealed during their big Geeked Week event a number of new titles that would be heading to their Netflix Games service. Among them was Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital’s critically acclaimed action RPG Death’s Door, and without much warning that title is now live in the Netflix Games library and available on mobile. Death’s Door has been likened to games like The Legend of Zelda for its exploration and puzzles, with a bit of Dark Souls thrown in for its tight boss battles and combat. Those are two comparisons you don’t want to make lightly, but Death’s Door seems to be able to back it up based on how well-regarded it has been on previous platforms. Here’s a new trailer showcasing the newly-released Netflix version.

Death’s Door originally launched on PC and consoles back in July of 2021, with a Nintendo Switch version arriving the following November. Our own Mikhail Madnani has played it on both Steam Deck and Switch and enjoyed the heck out of it, while our own Shaun Musgrave dug the Switch version as well in his review from 2021, giving the game 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is one of those ports I get excited about coming to mobile, since I’ll actually take time to play and enjoy it here whereas over on PC it would likely get lost in my backlog hell. So far I’m digging this mobile version and it seems to play just fine with virtual controls, which are fully customizable, as well as with my Backbone controller. If you have Netflix there’s no reason not to jump on Death’s Door right this instant.

By admin

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