The Best New Android Games This Week

By admin Dec 23, 2023

If you haven’t been keeping up with the best new Android games this week, don’t worry. We’ve searched high and low for the most recent additions to the Android gaming world.

This week’s been an exciting one for brand-new games. Down below is where you’ll find our handpicked choices, which you’ll hopefully, like as much as we do!

The Best New Android Games This Week

Each week we’ll report on the new games and shine a light on those that you may have missed out on. The best new mobile games this week are!

The Longing

Featured Image for our news on The Longing. It features Shade sitting on a chair in the library. The library has a shelf that's filled with books.

As the year draws to a close we get a new game that invites you to spend a long time with it. 400 days in fact. In The Longing you take on the role of a Shade, asked to watch over the lonely halls of an ancient King who will sleep for 400 days to regain his power. Once you begin the game, those days will start counting, and continue whether you come to play with your shadowy new friend or not.

Decide how you spend your time. There’s plenty of it, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Fatal Fury Special ACA NEOGEO

Another NEOGEO classic just hit the play store. In this case it’s Fatal Fury special, a 90s fighting classic where things move fast, even faster than Fatal Fury 2, and adds a combo system. A fun button (or touchscreen) smasher to occupy your time.

Flying Tank

Sometimes you’ve just got to blow stuff up. Flying Tank gives you that, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Take control of the deadly, highly customizable aircraft and rain destruction from the skies over 24 different missions.

The Best New Android Games This Week – Round-Up

Now, we’ll round up the the rest of the latest Android releases during the week!

That’s our picks for the best new Android games for this week. Looking for something to play all these on? Check out our news on the latest gaming phone.

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