[New] Anime Dungeon Fighters Codes – December 2023

By admin Dec 22, 2023
the image shows a bunch of important characters from different anime franchises with their backs to the viewer headed into a portal. The characters are drawn in the blocky roblox body style and from left to right is Eren, Deku, Kirito, Luffy and Naruto

Our Anime Dungeon Fighters Codes give you that little boost if you feel you’re not making enough progress. Or maybe you just like free things and decided to scavenge from us! Either way, welcome! We have codes here for you.

Anime Dungeons Fighters lets you choose your own anime-inspired profession and head into dungeons donning the unique abilities of your favourite characters. You can upgrade, fight and thrive! Can you become the strongest anime character on the server?

Check out Anime Dungenos Fighters on Roblox! If you’re a fan of freebies we have plenty of code guides for other anime-like Roblox games. Anime Souls X Codes and Peroxide Codes.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Codes

We last scavenged for codes on December 21st, 2023.

Active Codes

Yay! These codes are active and ready to be redeemed.

  • NEWGAME – Redeem for 50 Cos Coins
  • NEWGAME2 – Redeem for 1k Gems

Expired Codes

Sadly these codes have had their moment to shine and are gone now. To never miss out again be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon!

  • There is nothing here! At least you haven’t missed out on anything

How To Redeem

This is the simple part! Just follow these easy step-by-step!

  • First launch the game
  • Head to the in-game shop by following the widget on the right-hand side of the game screen
  • Select codes from the popup menu
  • Input a code and hit redeem!

My Code Doesn’t Work!

Don’t worry! Typically this is because of one of two issues. Either the code has expired or it is being input incorrectly. Be sure you type the code exactly as we shared it in this guide as codes are cap-sensitive and will not redeem if not capitalised correctly.

If the code continues to not work it must have expired sadly, so feel free to let us know in the comments and we will move the code into the Expired section!

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