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By admin Dec 22, 2023

Introducing the newest cosmetic, Elemental Dungeons titles! Titles crop up in many games across the Roblox platform. But what are they exactly? How do they work, and what does it mean to earn a title? If you want to know all of that plus how to get your own title then stick around!

Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed adventure game that revolves around battling against bosses, exploring dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, and a wide range of elemental abilities to wield in combat. Work through a variety of quests to earn Gems, which can then be used to roll for brand-new magical powers!

For more information about Elemental Dungeons, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also covered Elemental Dungeons Evil Drive Guide and Elemental the Dungeons Tier List. If you’re looking for more Roblox games to play, take a look at our Anime Champions Simulator Quirks guide.

Elemental Dungeons Title

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What Is A Title

Titles are a cosmetic that pops up next to your name within Elemental Dungeons. Other players can see your title, and each title is unique depending on the method of obtaining it. Titles don’t offer any boost to your gameplay, but they do look pretty cool! Plus, if your title is one that’s tricky to obtain then it’s also flexing rights.

The Titles

There are a few titles within Elemental Dungeons. So, here is the current list of Titles and how you obtain them. We will aim to update this guide as often as possible when new titles are added to the game.

  • [Champ] – Obtained by becoming a #100 player
  • [Master] – Obtained by becoming a #1 player
  • [The Force] – Reach level 150 with Gravity Element
  • [Rich] – Get 10 million Gold
  • [Punisher] – Reach level 130 with Lightning Element
  • [Mastermind] – Unlock Dash V2
  • [Hero] – Kill 100,000 mobs
  • [God of Lightning] – Reach level 100 with Lightning Element
  • [Zeus] – Reach level 150 with Lightning Element
  • [Famous] – Meet the developers
  • [Strategist] – Deal 10,000,000 damage
  • [Leader] – Reach level 100
  • [Grim Reaper] – Consume Reaper
  • [BETA, β, and OG] – Available in the BETA Cosmetics Pass
  • [Millionaire] – Earn 1,000,000 Gold

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