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Need some extra information about how Death Ball Clans work? Read on to find out more about what exactly the clans are, how to join or make one, and the benefits of being in a clan!

So, what’s Death Ball? Well, in short, it’s a dodgeball game. Throw in some anime characters too! It’s up to you and your team to fend off the dangerously speedy ball with your weapons. Perks and abilities can also be used to give you a boost during a match.

For more information about Death Ball, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. Looking for new games to play? Take a look at our Legends ReWritten Best Blessing guide, our Elemental Dungeons Titles guide, and our Legends ReWritten tier list!

Death Ball Clans

When you hear about a clan in a Roblox game, you’re most likely going to think of the obtainable clans that you roll for. However, it’s a little different in Death Ball! Clans in this game are basically guilds.

A clan can be created by a player, followed by recruiting additional members to the group. You can personally invite other players to your clan, or they can join at random! All clans will have a maximum member limit though, so make sure your friends can get into your clan before it fills up!

If you’re familiar with how guilds work in video games, you’ll be glad to know that there’s even a Clan HQ. This is where the members of your clan can visit and chat!

The Perks of Making a Clan (Literally)

Clans are a very gem-heavy feature in Death Ball, so you’ll need to have a stockpile at times. Gems can be given to the Clan Vault which go towards brand-new perks and upgrades for the clan. The more members in a clan, the better, as this means more Gems! As well as the upgrades, you can also receive snazzy new rooms, cool outfits to sport, and plenty of ranks to climb.

Creating a Clan in Death Ball

If you wish to create your own clan in Death Ball rather than joining one, it’s pretty easy! You’ll need to have Gems at the ready before you can make the clan though. If you’re in need of some extra Gems, you can redeem codes in-game for some freebies! You’ll also passively earn Gems as you play the game too.

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