What to expect on your first Virgin Voyages Cruise

We were aboard Virgin’s first ship, The Scarlet Lady. Built in 2020, Scarlet Lady can hold 2,770 passengers and the best part? It’s adults only! With a focus on experimental cuisine and adults playtime, the amenities and facilities reflect a fun and different take on cruising, with a few caveats.

86% of the cabins have balconies and 93% feature ocean views, giving you endless rooms to choose from for your adventure without sacrificing the best part of cruising- waking up to the ocean.

The majority of the cabins are Sea Terrace rooms and they look a little different than you might be used to from a traditional cruise ship. Virgin is the first cruise line to create what they’re calling “transformational” rooms where cruisers can have a seating area by day and bed by night. While reviews of the comfort of the beds are mixed, it’s an interesting concept that gives you a place to hang out that’s not your bed. I can tell you from personal experience that if you are a sensitive sleeper or at least sensitive to the type of mattress you sleep on, this may not be for you. They don’t have thick mattress covers so you essentially sleep on a sofa cushion.

The bathroom is small, standard on most cruise lines, but well finished with great lighting and a small storage area. Keep in mind, they don’t offer amenities like body lotion and toiletries so be prepared to bring your own.

Given the small size of the rooms, the closet is an open space at the entrance separated with a curtain from the rest of the room. There is a mini fridge, water and two glasses. One of the perks of Virgin is the ability to bring two bottles of wine per person and you can slot them in right in the mini fridge.

My personal favorite part of the room is the balcony. There’s nothing quite like lounging out in a hammock on the ocean. This is the first cruise ship we have seen that has a hammock. While we did argue over who would get to lounge in the hammock versus the uncomfortable metal chair, it is a nice addition to the small space.

When it comes to suites, most of the rockstar suites are situated on the back aft, which, surprise, also looks a bit different. Rather than having the rooms tier down from the top, the aft tiers up so the suites have an overhanging awning on every patio. This may or may not be what you’re looking for in your suite as it makes the area quite dark, but the views are stunning. I will note that the suites do have standard beds so may be ideal for those sensitive sleepers who want to skip the sofa. Suites also have access to “Richard’s Rooftop”, a private area on the top deck for sunbathing and lounging.

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