ULUM Moab: The Ultimate Glamping Getaway

By admin Dec 21, 2023

The Suite Tents at ULUM Moab are simple, yet stunning. As part of the Under Canvas portfolio, ULUM has adopted the same tented style accommodations but with added luxury. The Suite Tents are the only type of accommodation offered at ULUM, and they are nothing short of spectacular.

Each Suite Tent is incredibly spacious, featuring beautiful king-size beds adorned with cozy Pendleton blankets. The tents also include a seating area, an air conditioning unit for those hot summer days, a heating stove for the cooler nights, a patio, and a private bathroom.

The bathroom is equipped with high-quality Aesop products and features a rain shower, a very small sink, and a toilet. It is worth noting that there is no closet in the room, only a few hangers. Therefore, it’s recommended to pack lightly and make use of the luggage rack provided.

One of the unique additions to these tents, compared to other Under Canvas properties, is the air conditioning unit. This is particularly useful in the summer heat and is a welcome addition for summer travelers. However, for those cooler nights, the wood-fire stove in the room provides not only warmth but a comforting and relaxing ambiance.

Each tent also comes equipped with a water pot for boiling water to make coffee (tea bag style). While paper cups are available, you can ask the front desk for real cups to bring to your tent.

Though there is no mini-fridge in the room due to the nature of camping, it’s advisable to bring a cooler bag or purchase a small Styrofoam cooler from the grocery store for storing your own beverages in the room. The hotel does replenish your wood supply daily, ensuring you’ll never run out of fresh cut wood for the stove.

Drinking water is not supplied in the room, so it’s recommended to bring large water bottles to fill up at the water stations in the lobby. The tap water in the room can be drank, but due to the unique water system, the water will either be hot or cold based on your preference. Adjusting the water temperature is possible, but it will require a staff member to come to your room upon request.

Lastly, the location of the rooms is exceptional. There’s no “bad” room on the property. For instance, Tent 31 features expansive views of the property and the arch in the distance. While you can walk to and from your room, the staff can always assist you with a buggy if you prefer. The staff were always quick and delighted to assist.

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