Razer HammerHead Pro HyperSpeed [Hardware] Review – Hammer Time?

By admin Dec 19, 2023

When it comes to names, HammerHead Pro HyperSpeed isn’t the best. It hardly rolls off the tongue. But these new earbuds from Razer show that a name is only skin deep. Or something.

Especially as they’ve been designed with gamers in mind, from the dongle eliminating latency to the jet black design (with funky RGB lighting).

There’s a simplicity to these earbuds that we appreciate, and that starts from opening the box. There are three ear tip sizes to pick from, the charging case, cable, USB-C RF dongle, and the headphones themselves. There’s a few extra pieces of nonsense such as stickers or excessively large instruction manuals.

Not that we needed much in the way of instructions, as these were easy to set up and connect via bluetooth. Anything with a USB-C port we could easily set them up with too thanks to the aforementioned dongle. This means it connects with a range of gaming devices, including our Switch – not always a given with earbuds nowadays.

The design of the earbuds themselves is solid without being incredible. They boast an AirPod style look, without quite reaching the slickness of Apple’s earbuds. The shape of the buds themselves made them fit a variety of our team though, and comfortably – so they have that going for them. Although we did have one complaint that they do heat up your ears a little if used for too long at once.

As with earbuds of this nature controlling them is done via the touch surfaces on their sides. Something which we’ve never found a better alternative to actual buttons, although it’s fairly responsive and reliable with the HammerHead Pro HyperSpeeds. What is good to have is the Razer Audio App, which allows you to remap the controls over what does what. 

In terms of how these sound, they’re solid in most areas but not outstanding – especially considering the price. 

The standard settings (not adjusted from the app) are solid when it comes to the lows and mids, serving us well with most titles we played with them in. Worth avoiding are the “amplified” and “enhanced bass” EQ presets, which we found a little OTT to say the least.

For gaming we found them more than serviceable though, with key SFX coming through loud and clear.

Sadly there are some clear drawbacks to these earbuds, one being that they only hold their charge for roughly 4 hours – maybe pushing 5 if using the dongle. We did find this a tad disappointing, especially if you’re using them for gaming on the go and for extended commuting. The touch controls are also a little fiddly.

By admin

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